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The neighborhood of Sant'Ambrogio is and has always been at the center of Florentine movement. The Enoteca Caffe Sant'Ambrogio, which is in the heart of the eponymous piazza, has captured the soul of this neighborhood for more than 25 years. A stop at Sant'Ambrogio is a must, before or after you go grocery shopping at the local farmers market around the corner. You can stop in for a coffee and croissant for breakfast in the morning, or for a delicious lunch around midday. Our menu includes pasta courses, rich salads, sandwiches and specialties like mackerel filet or mussel salad, which are always fresh. After 6pm the piazza comes alive, and the space fills with the Florentine spirit that moves the city at night. At this hour you can have an aperitivo. Caffe' Sant'Ambrogio offers the opportunity to taste more than 64 wines by the glass, with prices varying from 4 to 12euros. Of course, the cocktails can't be missed either. The most important of all, we recommend the cocktail martini- our signature and local favorite. The aperitivo menu, which is a fixed price and can be added anytime, is a buffet which includes pasta, salads, prosciutto, toasts, and risotto among many other things that change throughout the evening. Off-menu, ask about our fresh oysters or jamon iberico.

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Mercato centrale San LorenzoVia dell'Ariento, 150100 Firenze+39 388 641 4454email@gmail.com
Piazza Sant'AmbrogioPiazza Sant'Ambrogio, 7r50120 Firenze+39 055 247 7277email@gmail.com
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